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The Wallis Law Firm, PLLC welcomes potential clients who have been wrongly accused of Felonies and Misdemeanors. We pride ourselves in representing innocent individuals. Visit us today for a consultation.

Criminal law addresses alleged offenses against the public order.

Washington State identifies Felonies and Misdemeanors as the two main categories of crimes.

Felonies: Washington State recognizes felonies generally as crimes where the maximum penalty is greater than one year in prison.

Misdemeanors: Washington State recognizes misdemeanors generally as crimes where the maximum penalty is less than one year in jail.

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I was in a serious car accident and decided to consult with attorneys when my medical treatment expenses overwhelmed me. After speaking with a few attorneys over the phone, Barry Wallis was the only one who seemed like he truly wanted to help me, not just sign me on as a client...

Shelena Y.

I relied on Barry's guidance and advocacy for five years as I dealt with the aftermath of a traffic accident. Barry's wisdom and determination was a true blessing

Dan T.

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