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“Barry and Cambria were (and continue to be) wonderful to work with. I had a real estate case that appeared to be simple at the outset, but as some unexpected twists and turns came up, Barry and his team really shone. I got a rare combination of great advice, excellent area expertise across a range of legal issues that arose, and solid business instincts, so that I could have useful conversations about how to get my deal done. Even the other party in the transaction was thrilled to be dealing with Barry, because of his degree of professionalism, expertise, and ability, with Cambria, to move the deal forward. Not every legal matter has to be a dispute, but how often can you say that the other side appreciated your lawyer too?”

– Benjamin Diament

“Having had the need of a law firm to address some issues with the courts I am happy to say the outcome using the Wallis Law Firm was a great one. Professional and highly competent, they were able to assist our family and the outcome was very favorable. Should I need similar services in the future I would be sure to utilize this firm again.”

– Ken Welsh

“From the first meeting Mr Wallis demonstrated his ability to always put his client first and to listen to their needs and also understand their story. Mr Wallis and his team worked with us patiently, with empathy and encouragement and responded to our requests and wishes with respect. His calm manner demonstrated his experience and gave us assurance of his understanding and knowledge of the legal system.”

“Over the course of more than 3 years, Mr Wallis and his team held our hand through an extremely emotionally taxing time, always staying positive and reassuring. We received a positive outcome to our case and are grateful that we had a professional and caring team to lead us through the legal process.”

– Anonymous

“Wallis Law Firm has a comprehensive philosophy which focuses on meeting their clients legal needs through a competent, skilled and caring staff who strive to make the customer feel their situation is under control at all times. The firm endeavors to clarify the complexities of modern law and assure each and every case is given the attention it deserves. Based on outcomes this legal team makes you feel as though you were the most important client they have.”

– Michael Stump

“Barry Wallis and his team are consummate professionals who get the job done for his clients. Between his intellect, passion, doggedness and savvy, you can’t go wrong! Hire the very best in Pierce County! Hire Barry Wallis!”

– Larry Kahn

“By association, I had the pleasure to work with Barry and his team on an important case that lasted in upward of 20 months. Throughout, Barry was responsive, engaged and genuinely interested in making sure justice was served for his clients. He did just that. He obtained an incredible award and was “hands on” in every turn of the matter. He’s a kind soul and his extensive knowledge of the law is the foundation of his practice. He truly cares and it shows in how he and his talented staff handle their clients/cases.”

– Beth Wickersham Whitton

“I had really good experience working with this law firm. Everyone was very professional and super helpful”

– Jenny Cherkassky

“Wallis Law, and particularly Marci and Barry, work tirelessly on my behalf. They were able to get me a fair and just settlement for my personal injury claim”

– Susan DeAugustine

“My legal documents were prepared and finalized quickly and accurately. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

– Suzanne Colpitts

“My experience was very positive. Barry Wallis is communicative and responsive, transparent and professional. I would highly recommend his firm to others in need of legal services.”

– Enjoleah Daye

“My wife and I are very fortunate to have selected the legal services of Mr. Barry Wallis of Wallis Law Firm in Tacoma to take the lead in helping us through an extremely complicated and challenging personal injury lawsuit. When all was said and done, it was Mr. Wallis’ attention to detail, professional acumen, his highly talented staff and his irreproachable integrity that ultimately provided an outcome beyond our expectations. Please consult with Mr. Wallis before you select any other counselor.”

– Gary Emmons

“Your encouragement and support were immeasurable in the short period of time. When I wanted to give up you stepped in and worked wonders! Thank you again for your help and determination.”

– R.B.

“I was in a serious car accident and decided to consult with attorneys when my medical treatment expenses overwhelmed me. After speaking with a few attorneys over the phone, Barry Wallis was the only one who seemed like he truly wanted to help me, not just sign me on as a client. He gave me valuable recommendations over the phone and I realized I could trust him, so I asked him to be my lawyer.

Barry is a true professional whom I trust. His office took over all communication with the insurance companies which allowed me to focus on my treatment and getting well. I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Not only did he provide me with valuable recommendations, but he was able to get me a reasonable settlement for my year of treatment. I didn’t even think that was possible. Barry has a charming voice and calming presence. He handled every aspect of my case so that I didn’t have to.

Wallis Law Firm, PLLC are professionals that won’t let you down and you can trust that your well-being is always their top priority.”

– Shelena Yarukhina

“The Wallis Law Firm, PLLC doesn’t advertise for a reason – their clients to help their friends, co-workers and family members to pass the word when they are in need. Barry and his team were tireless advocates for me as I dealt with the aftermath of a traffic accident. With their able representation, I was able to concentrate on healing. Thank you, Barry.

I relied on Barry’s guidance and advocacy for five years as I dealt with the aftermath of a traffic accident. Barry’s wisdom and determination was a true blessing.

I choose the Wallis Law Firm, PLLC based on the recommendation of my Father. Barry and his team proved to be true and effective advocates. Thank you!”

– Dan Tonnes

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